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Nova Hull Cleaning and Inspections

Services We Provide

Hull Cleaning

In-water boat hull cleaning conducted by a professional diver not only significantly improves fuel efficiency through the removal of biofouling, enhancing vessel performance, but also crucially safeguards the hull integrity, mitigating potential corrosion and prolonging the overall lifespan of the boat.


In-water Propeller Inspection and Replacement

Utilizing a skilled diver for the replacement of damaged boat propellers guarantees swift, on-the-spot maintenance, preserving operational efficiency without the need for dry-docking. This approach minimizes downtime, ensuring uninterrupted vessel performance while swiftly addressing propulsion issues.


Pier, Piling, and Seawall Inspection

Unveil the structural integrity of your boat dock and seawall through our precise underwater photography and video services, essential for thorough construction assessments and detailed post-storm inspections. Our expert imagery offers a comprehensive view, ensuring a meticulous analysis of underwater elements crucial for construction evaluation and storm damage assessments.

Item Recovery

Dive into action with our premier service, dedicated to retrieving personal items accidentally dropped into the water. Our skilled divers employ specialized equipment to recover and return your lost possessions swiftly and with utmost care, offering a seamless solution to your underwater mishaps.

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